Monday, May 29, 2017


 Maison 10 at 4 West 29th St. (between 5th Ave. and Broadway)

Maison 10 = 10 Categories + 10 Products + 10 Weeks + 10% for Charity

Since inception on July 10, 2016, the formula fueling Maison 10, NoMad's new-ish retail neighbor ripens responsible consumerism. Part gallery, part product incubator, Carsten Klein, Tom Blackie and Henri Myers build a brand infused with innovation and a carefully curated assortment of ethical luxury, on a rotating schedule. Every 10 weeks, the landscape changes as 10 new products across 10 (9 static + 1 changing) categories cycle onto stark white pedestals. On the heels of cycle 5 ("Well Being"), I stop in for the "Friday Night Live" event this past week to hear 5 designers present their featured brands - Thompson Ferrier candles, Rose 1845 by Lazarus, Peet Rivko, Sundays nail studio and EDIA. Keep reading for more...

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Doubling as a gallery space, the explosive artwork of Bart Vargas (10 pieces) graces the walls with vibrant energy. Though succinctly subtle, guests are surrounded by the organizations that benefit 10% from each purchase. (If you visit the store, simply look on the back of the tent cards). Grounded in social awareness, sustainable production and charitable contribution, Maison 10 succeeds in finding a formula and fitting together all the variables to slowly save the world, albeit stylishly. Stop into the 4 West 29th Street store sometime to see for yourself.
 10% of each item benefits a cause (peek on the back of the price tent)

10 items along each of 10 categories

Vegan beauty products made from natural ingredients

 Visitors are surrounded by the art of Bart Vargas on the walls 

 EDIA backwards is "Aide," which is what the EDIA line of products aims to do

Love this!

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