Wednesday, April 5, 2017


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Gucci Fifh Ave

What... happened? Though fairly general (and yet fiercely specific), the question begs for a descriptor of a subjectively positive or negative, intentional or accidental occurrence. This week's windows at Gucci, Fifth Ave. present a view into a luxury brand at the brink of breakthrough. A year after Alessandro Michele replaces Frida Giannini as Gucci's creative Director, the drama of the moment has been eclipsed with sweeping moderninity, bohemia and "romantic androgyny." Staid style has transitioned into a street-meets-Renaissance amalgamation where Michele confirms, "creativity has no rules." While still recognizable, the brand grew attitude and started taking stylistic limitations a little less seriously... and that's "what happened" at Gucci. Keep reading to have a closer look...

Fur + Floral = Fantastic!

The Modern Man?

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