Sunday, March 19, 2017


 @Visionaire presents Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari's 'more is more' installation based on Toiletpaper Magazine

Everything is grab-able, moveable, patterned and pose-able at Visionaire's #ToiletPaperParadise. Tucked in the back corner of a conservatively curated Cadillac House, saucy spaghetti, flying fish and a popcorn-studded solar universe compete for space on the floors and walls of Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari's gaudy, trippy and innately immersive universe. The photographers of Toiletpaper Magazine apply unconventional print to conventional decor, creating a borderline irreverent, yet hugely insta-worthy aesthetic. The 'More is More' installation personifies the surrealist world presented in Toiletpaper Magazine and "attendees are invited to touch, play, move, sit, recline and position themselves in the physical manifestation of the minds of the artist" [visionaire]. Keep reading for a look inside...

An adult insta-worthy 'interactive immersion'

#ToiletpaperParadise is the fifth collaboration between Visionaire and Cadillac; "Cadillac House is a blank space where Cadillac and Visionaries partner to curate non-traditional, interactive exhibitions with no boundaries" [Visionaire]. Situated at 330 Hudson street on Manhattan's West Side, visit Cadillac House M-F from 8AM to 7PM and Sat-Sun 10AM to 5PM. #ToiletpaperParadise is open to the public until April 12th, after which Visionaire will complete 2 more installations--Stay Tuned!

Silly Croc...

Is it comfy?

Wall-to-wall spaghetti!

What a stressful room!


Gaudy, but coordinated

Open to the Public until April 12th at the Cadillac House

 Visit the Cadillac House at 330 Hudson Street

While you're here, check out the Public School retail lab

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