Saturday, February 18, 2017


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Saku NYC at Artbeam

Ruffles and bows trim and bind cut-outs and culottes in S A K U NYC's F/W 2017 collection. With cautiously haute hairstyles to match, Lissa Koo's runway lineup becomes a living billboard of frilly and flouncy 'paper doll' clothes. Live at Artbeam Sunday, black + light blue + grey + pink impose colorless simplicity, while peek-a-boo lace and subtle frills elicit movement. Keep reading for a closer look...

Footwear sponsored by André Assous

"Saku New York's AW 17 collection grew out of a curiosity for sea creatures which are barely visible to the human eye. Beneath the clear, emerald blue surface of the ocean, it is all about dark, cold and quiet."

Flouncy and frilly spawn a spring in the step!

Peek-a-boo sheer 

Favorite outfit of this collection

Forced flair + Flat shoes

Front foot forward...

Wide collared wonder

Would you wear it?

Dark lips to match the dark outfit

Haute hair!

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