Sunday, February 12, 2017


Yuna Yang Fall/Winter 2017 at Gotham Comedy Club

A lone candle powerfully illuminates stifling darkness. 

Entitled Lights in the Shadow, Yuna Yang's Fall/Winter 2017 collection draws inspiration from the world's socio-political climate, emblazoned by those who wield the torch of freedom. As "light shines brighter in the darkness," Yang conceptualizes chiaroscuro with a play on fabrics and patterns. Set at NYC's Gotham Comedy Club, the non-traditional runway presentation intertwines models and audience, affecting an emergence from the shadows. Models glide onto a dim stage partially lit with a variety of lighting concepts. Keep reading for a closer look...

Dress rehearsal pre-show; directed by Yuna

Frenzied floral and flickering candle patterns join velvet and lace in Yuna Yang's design portfolio this F/W 2017; embroidery and tailoring complete each look, subtly incorporating "Eastern perspectives on Western aesthetics." Dark colors on light fabrics and unexpected glimmers of beading on lace and fur personify Yang's theme of taking a stand in troubled times. A soulful melody--sung live by an unnamed singer--closes the presentation.

Cool reflection! Dress rehearsal

"To see a single candle light lit, where all it takes is a small flame to over power the darkness. With such light of power, it will illuminate the unity and strength. Light shines brighter in the darkness."

Nastya sapphire velvet deep V dress w/organza overskirt as model walks down the "runway," approaching the stage 

 Philipa YY signature french purple lace tunic

 Rachel flower bomber print dress

Vallerie flower bomber pajama with YY beaded camisole

 Rachel lightning candle print dress

 Louisa YY signature beaded camisole with waterfall skirt

More looks straight from the runway!

Jini lightning print tunic with sky blue fur coat

Ligia burgundy slip dress

Amazing performers; Live and wearing Yuna Yang

Designer Yuna Yang makes a quick appearance

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