Sunday, January 1, 2017


 Solo show featuring Dain at Fat Free Gallery

Beyond appropriately hinting at the intended culinary choices of 2017's infancy, Fat Free Art Gallery in the Lower East Side opens its doors with a solo exhibit by street artist Dain. Amidst an unconventionally legitimate 'street' setting, stylish sirens (set in colorful collages) adorn purposefully weathered walls. Boasting "950 square feet of 12 foot EXTERIOR walls INSIDE. The same outdoor canvases that street artists have been tagging since the beginning of tagging [source]," Fat Free trades traditional stark white gallery walls for grittier decor. Keep reading for a look inside the exhibit and more of Dain's dames...   

Street style wood + brick + corrugated metal walls 

Underneath his signature neon "circle and drip" effect, Hollywood belles photographed in black & white--and clad in menswear--are bathed in layers of color. Dain's collage-esque pieces exude an appreciation for beauty through expressiveness (over sex appeal), embracing assorted media. The end-product is both spotted on the street and sought after by fine art aficionados. View the Brooklyn-based artist's solo show exhibit at Fat Free until January 9th. 


Note the Green wall + "Post No Bills" motif 

Up close of a painting with faces camouflaged behind paint [L] // Street view --a large streetscape by Dain on the corner of Delancey and Allen

Great interiors!

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