Sunday, December 18, 2016


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 Land of 1,000 Delights at Saks Fifth, Brookfield Place

Daydreams incite a retreat from reality--trading idleness and irritation for irreverent inspiration. With age, the opportunity for "hurt" has been replaced with glass-half-full adventures. What I look for? Things to look forward to... in order to move forward. This week's windows at Saks, Brookfield Place feature sequined styles and seasonal sweets. Inside, the Saks Downtown Holiday 2016 Art Installation by artist Jonathan Paul (a.k.a Desire Obtain Cherish) analogizes the notion of relationships through sweets and sculpture. Keep reading to have a look inside...

Sweets and sass; Watch the Saks Fifth Land of 1,000 Delights unveiling here.

Strike a Pose!

From the "Meltdowns" series by artist Desire Obtain Cherish

 A big ring-pop!

Just one of those days...

"My appetite for attention is never satisfied"

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