Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Dom Pattinson's Sipping Liberty [L] at Ted Baker, Soho (117 Wooster St)

Lady Liberty makes a meaningful mascot as art and fashion mingle in Soho's new Ted Baker Curated. Evidence of the link between the UK brand and its US locale, Sipping Liberty--a specially commissioned artwork by street artist Dom Pattinson--sits in the store window at 117 Wooster St. Ted Baker's new space will feature artwork from Pop International Galleries. Inside, bespoke wallpaper, commissioned paintings, unique furnishings, upholstered furniture and astutely accent the tailored clothing and accessories. Specialty items on offer include limited edition skateboards, surfboards and furniture. Keep reading for a look inside...

 Surfboard and UR New York by Forty Deuce ($7,500)

 Clothes + Art

Dressing area

 Suits, meet street art

Queen Elizabeth and perfume on special furniture

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