Friday, September 16, 2016


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Jessica Van at NYFW, CAAFD runway show Sunday, 11-September at Artbeam

Muted monotony makes for mellow moments. On September 11th, the Council of Aspiring American Fashion Designers (CAAFD) presents the I'MPOSSIBLE collective showcase at Artbeam featuring Ponyo Porco, Jessica Van and Laison by Aurelia Santoso. All three designers present a strong first US showing, with different takes on Spring/Summer 2017. Keep reading for more...

Model wearing Jessica Van

Emerging Designer: Jessica Van
Country of Origin: Australia
Inspiration: Fantasy, Robin Hood, The Forest
Style: Casual
Color Scheme: Light and Natural
Hair: Naturally Tousled
Shoes: Beige Tassel Stiletto Sandals
Accessories: Hairpieces Made of Branches + Necklaces Made of Rope
Highlights: Soft and comfortable looks for summer

Branches add a whimsical touch

Double exposure
Liason by Aurelia Santoso, Indonesia

Brand: Liason
Designer: Aurelia Santoso
Country of Origin: Indonesia
Style: Constructed Casual
Inspiration: Calm + Cool + Collected, Uptown Flair Meets Downtown Funk
Color Scheme: Mustard, Pale Green, Black + White, Lavender
Hair: Mixed
Shoes: Beige Oxford Flats
Accessories: Costume Earrings

Utilitarian design

Clean colors

Quite a few constructed pieces
-----------------------------------------------------------------------PONYO PORCO-----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Brand: Ponyo Porco
Designers: Crystal Lupa and Larry Chen
Country of Origin: Taiwan
Inspiration: Mermaids, Chaos in Purity, Pool, Dark Crows, Gardens 
Style: Upscale Elegant, Silk Infused
Color(s): Watercolor, Pastel, Light / Dark
Hair: Intricate Braids
Shoes: Chunky Platform Sandals, Flats

Final procession

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