Monday, April 4, 2016


View into the right half of the CODED_COUTURE_ exhibit 

Technocouture in the form of futuristic wearables comprise Pratt's CODED_COUTURE_ exhibit, a precursor to the MET Museum's upcoming Manus x Machina exhibit. After visiting an exhibit at the Design Museum Holon (Israel), Nick Battis (Director of Exhibitions at Pratt) was inspired by the focus on machinery as a tool in fashion design. Curated by Ginger Gregg Duggan and Judith Hoos Fox, the style showcase consists of 10 international designers and illustrates the influence of Biological, Cultural, Psychological and Sysnergistic themes through creative videos, objects, drawings and mixed media. Code, through custom conversion conceives "cool" clothes; keep reading for a closer look...  

 3 pieces showcasing Physchological_Coding by Alison Tsai

"Coded_Couture is the ultimate in made-to-measure-made to fit not only our physical measurements, but also our psyche, our interaction with others and the world at large, and even our own creativity," state curators Judy Fox and Ginger Duggan. In Biological Coding, Amy Congdon prototypes tissue engineering through biological textiles. Using Psychological Coding, Melissa Coleman, Leonie Smelt and Joachim Rotteveel showcase Holy Dress, capable of detecting lies and administering shocks. 

A variety of pieces illustrating Bological_Coding by Amy Congdon

"Working with cultural codes provides the opportunity to address stereotypes and our behavioral responses to symbols and systems of meaning relevant to members of a particular group. Because the world of fashion offers endless references to stereotyping and trending as a form of exclusion and/or inclusion, this subject matter is rich with potential"

Holy Dress (2012) by Melissa Coleman + Leonie Smelt + Joachim Rotteveel

"Unlike physical measurements derived from biology or features that reflect cultural stereotypes, here individual personality traits are discerned--translated through memory and sensation--into form and shape. The information used in this type of coding can come from our actions and reactions to certain stimuli, from our perceptions about ourselves, or from how we choose to present ourselves to the world."

Silhouettes by Ying Gao

"When biology--our genetic make-up or other quantifiable data about our physical being-is a source of the raw data used in coding, the resulting designs translate the logical and scientific into thoughtful abstractions."

Media Vintage: Charlie Coat (2009) by Melissa Coleman

"A synergistic approach to coding virtually partners designers with consumers to enable a truly collaborative design process. When the programmer/ coder/ designer establishes a strong framework and system but then builds in key elements that rely on the input of an "other" to complete and realize the design, a true synergy is realized. Neither the designer nor the consumer could do it alone, and the input of both is not superficial but rather an integral piece of the puzzle."

Leather + Rubber shoes part of Cedric Flazinski's MyDesigner series

12 sample shoes by Cedric Flazinski

A Measurable Factor Sets the Conditions of its Operations (2012-2015) by Marloes ten Bhömer

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