Friday, March 11, 2016


 #ThomBrowneSelects at the Cooper Hewitt 

Inside the converted Carnegie mansion, Thom Browne takes the reigns as the 13th guest curator in Cooper Hewitt's Selects series this March. Turning artifacts into an artistic installation, Brown uncovers 50+ European frames and mirrors for display alongside auspices of presentations past. Suitably apropos, the archived antiques hang atop floor-to-ceiling laser-engraved holographic wallpaper by Osborne & Little. Keep reading for a closer look...

 Sidewall, Rombico (2010); Manufactured by Osborne & Little - Holographic foil on nonwoven ground, laser engraved

Known for his dapper demeanor and dedication to detail, the CFDA alumn is celebrated for pushing the boundaries of classic Men's (and now women's) fashion through creativity and innovative tailoring. Browne's installation--which is a room accessible through a walk-in viewing area-- envelopes visitors with reflectiveness and 56 pairs of nickel-plated, leather wingtip brogues. The silver shoes remain directionally inert, guiding gazes from a mirrored desk ensemble towards walls, where one can pause to look in the mirror--or multiple mirrors--and self-reflect. What an interesting "office" this would make!

 Desk and chair with apple, briefcase, coat stand, desk lamp, paper, pencil, ruler, scissors, stapler and typewriter (USA 2015)

Though brief, "Browne's immersive installation of holographic wall covering, mirrors and frames from the collection-- some more than three hundred years old--invites visitors to reflect physically and mentally, while admiring what they see [source: exhibit brochure]." The display offers an interesting perspective on individuality within uniformity and is on view until October 23rd in the Nancy and Edwin Marks Collection Gallery.

56 pairs of wingtip brogues (nickel plated leather)

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