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from (capsule) Women's 2016

Painted pastels, pets and planetary prints dominate at (capsule) NY Women's 2016 RTW + Accessories. Beyond black and blank, this season's show standouts once again incorporate innovative materials, experimental processes and neoteric nostalgia. Back for a fifth experience, my respect for (capsule) grows, as does the show's success. Sidelining segregation, (capsule) encourages a flavorful floor, where recognizable retailers, indie designers and budding brands share a common space; buyers and press enjoy direct access to designers who have conceived "That 'New Now.'" Keep reading for my favorites from the show...

 Trendsetters chosen to style show favorites

The majority of this season's domestic standouts hail from the western US. From Austin, Texas to San Francisco and Los Angelos, California, conceptual creativity peaks. Both domestic and international designers find common ground, focusing on local, sustainable production. This year's show runs from February 21st to 23rd at Pier 94 (54th Street at 12th Avenue). Though the participant list grows, there is no shortage of cream-of-the-crop curated talent.

Andrea Vence founder and Creative Director of Recreation with her inaugural collection

Andrea Vance's Recreation catches the attention of passersby with delicate cutouts and thoughtfully interrupted hand-done screen prints. Based in LA, 60s surf culture reincarnates in "California casual' clothing, memorializing curvy brown shores and splattered orange suns. Vance's choice of locally sourced, organically responsible materials 'work' as both the use of canvas and hemp linen inject contrasting texture within a singular collection. 

Organic canvas and hemp linen designed with 60s surf culture in mind

 Surf chic [photo source]

Designer Sarah White holding a convertible clutch and standing in front of her convertible backpack

"Simplicity is stylish" whispers Sarah White's understated handbags. Italian leather from a family-owned tannery in Santa Croce combines with a timeless aesthetic and purposeful design to establish her first collection. Both form and function exert an "expression of modern craftsmanship, combining minimal clean lines, warmth and intuitive functionality" [source].

Inside out view; "If content is king, it shouldn't be a royal pain to organize it"

 Weft + Hide by artist Emma Fineman

Poignant prints in upbeat pigments make Weft + Hide a beacon in any closet. California based artist Emma Fineman uses unique hand drawn lines to brand her leather goods and garments. While mostly available in West Coast and Midwest boutiques, Weft + Hide is slowly migrating East and soon to be found in Brooklyn boutique nearby! 

 Weft + Hide Vegan Leather Monstera Card Wallet, Medium Pouch and Clutch

Reminds me of Bermuda... [photo source]

New Collection by Tucker

Native New Yorker Gaby Basora continues to blur the line between seriousness and smiles,  through Tucker's sassy prints. One of my favorite 'maybe mainstream' brands, Tucker reinvents ordinary. This season's highlights at (capsule) include beetle print and floral fallacy. Click here to explore the brand, the blog, the music series and some cool stories. 

Tucker's Fun bold beetle print

San Francisco based purplemaroon by Josephine Tchang

Pinstripe precision initiates my introduction to San-Francisco based purplemaroon. Though projecting a loose and carefree feel, the expertly tailored hems and finishes mirror exquisite attention to detail from the inside out. The lightweight paper denim is a standout in the sustainably produced collection. Stay tuned for Part 2 of (capsule) coverage--international designers!

purplemaroon collection

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