Wednesday, January 6, 2016


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 Alice in... the window of Harney & Sons Soho--it's like being in Wonderland

When innocence falls victim to justice by jury, the sanctity of subjectivity becomes tainted by assumption. A lesson in letdowns is learned by Steven Avery and others wrongly convicted of crimes uncommitted. While indulguing in the Netflix original Making a Murderer this weekend, a cadence of frustration and indignation is quelled by the limited ability to control the perception of fact and fiction. For some, the short series is a decidedly dire depiction of the potentially cruel world we live in. This week's Alice in Wonderland windows at Harney & Sons reminds me of the unexpected--for good or bad. Keep reading to view the full window...

 One of my favorite mom & pops tea places has blossomed into something bigger!


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