Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Part 2 of The Winter Palace #saksholiday windows at Saks Fifth, NY

Celebrate Christmas in NY by way of crowds, children and choruses of chaos (sometimes consisting of carols and comraderie). As suburban resistance resounds, merry melodies compound cautious cheer. Eliminate avarice and emanate generosity this season. Give graciously. Harbor humility. This week, the Fifth Avenue facing facade of Saks continue to inspire elegance. #SaksHoliday Take 2--Keep reading for a continuation of the Winter Palace windows of #SaksFifth... 

 Food coma--from all those sweets!

 Righteous and Regal

 Welcome back to the Winter Palace...

The devil is in the details!

 Effortless Elegance

Hocus Pocus...

 The "come hither"

Cake Topper

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