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BVLGARI & Rome: Eternal Inspiration; an exhibit featuring the inspiration behind 

1884 Rome serves as the start of Sotirios Boulgaris' burgeoning business. Inspired by the architectural charm of the city's baroque buildings, familial fervor and the implications of the period's imperial currency, Bulgari has evolved into a world class brand, joining the fold of LVMH and entering the wardrobes of consumers globally. Celebrating over a century in business--and 40 years of watchmaking--Bulgari partners with the American Numismatic Society (ANS) to exhibit the basis of the brand. Keep reading for a look into Bvlgari & Rome: Eternal Inspiration, currently showing at the Fifth Avenue flagship (730 Fifth Ave.)...

 [L] Serpenti bracelet-watch in gold w/yellow + black (1987); [M] in platinum w/emerald + diamonds (1967); [R] in gold w/red + yellow (1967)

The 40 pieces on display include fine jewelry from private collectors and the Bulgari archives, staged alongside $1Million in ancient coins featuring Augustus, Nero, Arcadius and Honorious. Highlights include the rare Ides of March denarius (issued by Brutus in 43 BC to commemorate the assassination of Caesar) and a cigarette box bestowed by Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton to director Joseph Mankiewicz, while shooting Cleopatra in 1963.   

Bib necklace in gold w/multicolor sapphires and diamonds (2005) inspired by the Appian Way

All artifacts emphasize the bond between Bulgari and Rome/ past and present. Examples include a gold bib necklace doused in multicolor jewels (2005)--inspired by Rome's Appian Way-- and a gold necklace + earrings set modeled after the Pantheon. To further acknowledge Rome as Bulgari's primary muse, Chairman Jean-Christophe Babin has pledged to sponsor the $1.5 Million Euro restoration of the Spanish Steps, as a special gift from Bulgari to honor its heritage. Stop by Bulgari's 5th Ave. flagship to witness the wonders firsthand by November 22nd. 
2 toned gold necklace with Imperial silver-alloy coins (1973) [photo: courtesy of Bulgari]

Choker in 2 color gold w/greek coins (1974); [L] Earrings in platinum + gold; [R] Cigarette case in 2 color gold

"The coins and jewelry represent the monumental contributions the Romans made to modern society and remind us that the past still serves as inspiration."
Ute Wartenberg, ANS Executive Director 
on the ANS collaboration with BVLGARI

 Roman Inspiration: the octagonal ceiling coffers of the Palazzo della Rovere

Exhibit entry

Cigarette case in silver (1962) presented by Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton to Cleopatra director, Joseph Mankiewicz

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