Sunday, October 4, 2015


MOVE! at Brookfield Place combines fashion, art and the general public to produce interactive installations

Movement becomes a platform for artists, designers and the general public to share the spotlight in collaborative exhibition. With 7 interactive installations, visitors can POSE, SPLATTER, DANCE, CROSSOVER and more as part of MOVE! at Brookfield Place this weekend. Fashion forces Diane Von Furstenberg, Cynthia Rowley, Italo Zucchelli (for Calvin Klein collection), Proenza Schouler, COS bar, Le District and Yarnz pair with artists Olaf Breuning, Kate Gilmore, Ryan McNamara, James Kaliardos, Rob Pruitt, Liz Marcus and Elana Langer to create out-of-bounds creative experiences over 3 days. Keep reading for a look inside...

DVF and Ryan McNamara pair on POSE

Visitors can don a DVF dress and POSE for a custom pattern after a 10-minute hair and makeup session. Passersby walk a green screen hallway and transform into runway stars in LOOKS or walk the red carpet escorted by Calvin Klein models in A STAR IS BORN. The adventurous can DANCE their way to a free cookie or knock over cups of paint for a chance at winning a piece of the completed artwork in SPLATTER. FIFTEEN MINUTES is all it takes for artist Liz Marcus to complete a personalized caricature. CROSSOVER affords an opportunity to break gender boundaries with COS bar transforming gender with makeup and other embellishments.

DVF dresses ready for portraiture as part of POSE

Hair and makeup before the shoot

Feel like a runway star in LOOKS

Very entertaining to see the final product after walking through the green screen in rain gear

  Walk the red carpet in A START IS BORN

Anyone can be a red carpet superstar! [source]

Participatory artwork opportunity in Splatter 

Visitors knock down cups of paint with balls

Do a dance for a District cookie 

Group dance!

15 minute portraiture by Liz Markus in partnership with Yarnz

Quick pix

Visitors cross gender boundaries at Crossover

"Before" and "After" photos


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  2. How brilliant venues NYC!! This place is worth visiting. Thank you so much for reviews. Actually I will get engaged pretty soon and was looking for such a pretty party venue. I would definitely visit there.


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