Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Surrounded by suits of simultaneous similarity, wristwatches quietly become fascinating focal points during monotonous meetings. While Rolex, Movado, Seiko and Cartier have secured surefire associations as quality timepieces, equally exquisite indie watch companies are building buzz-worthy, budget friendly brands. Combing for caffeine on Wooster Street Sunday afternoon, my honey and I wander into Wind Up NYC. Presented by Worn & Wound, Wind Up is the first fair for affordable independent watchmakers. Keep reading to for a closer look at one stand-out brand...

Wind Up NYC Oct. 24-25, 2015

Cranky from caffeine withdrawal, I slugglishly trudge through the trove of timepieces, mildly underwhelmed. Yet, among the sea of round-faced watches (and adjacent to an iron clad espresso machine), Brew NYC catches my eye. Beyond the sleek packaging and stainless steel face-frame, the scratch resistant sapphire face and Swiss engineering are a steal for the price ($295). 

BREW Watches in Rosegold and Black

Developed by designer Jonathan Ferrer, BREW is inspired by industrial espresso machines; coffee time is break time, and time spent away from bustle of a busy day. The ruggedly refined look straddles both business and casual. While seemingly simplistic, the best parts are the hidden features (e.g. timer, glowing hands, etc.)! It was an honor to meet the designer! 

Founder and creator, Jonathan Ferrer

"We believe in the daily ritual of taking coffee breaks, and we look forward to that time of peace when we can unwind and relax ourselves from the rush of everyday life.... Our brand philosophy is simple: the break is less about the consumption of coffee and more about savoring -- savoring that very moment in life"

 Glowing hands, among the many cool features

BREW Silver

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  1. This watch is fantastic. Completely original and with a pulse of life in them.


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