Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Louboutin display at Saks Fifth Ave

Vanity strikes a pose in the windows of Saks Fifth Ave. In Louboutin's lustrous display, a peacock with spines of lipstick poses proudly. Passers-by become the pleasant face of the perched peafowl. Down the way, a Halloween-themed workshop and Louboutin lounge project scenes built around the red-soled shoes. Keep reading for a look at all sides of Saks' shoe-themed showcase, including Manolo Blahnik's clever curtain call...  

Louboutin lounge

Louboutin Halloween workshop

Louboutin lipstick

peacock + porcuipine = fascinating window piece

 Manolo Blahnik

Behind the curtain...

Manolo Blahnik's new book --Fleeting Gestures and Obsessions

colors + calves

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