Sunday, July 26, 2015


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While furiously foraging the internet for fashion-related weekend activities, I stumble on a few fun facts. A Cornell study shows that temperature seems to have an impact on worker productivity [source] and the Sixth Court of Appeals ruled that accidental butt dialing relinquishes any expectation of privacy [source].In other news, the new "bodega" on Bowery is actually the Sprite Corner, a pop-up sponsored by Sprite. Next week, I'll be dropping by the Making Patterns exhibit at South Street Seaport. Until then, have a peek at this week's IFB Top 20 posts, including my interview with Ukraine designer Yasia Khoemko...

IFB Links A La Mode for the Week of July 24th 
edited by Kristen Philipkoski

IFB Bloggers are from all over the world, different walks of life and ethnic backgrounds, varying ages and body types, etc. Your common thread? Perspective.  You share your perspective on beauty; how you see and feel beauty.  You inspire and give hope to others from your differences and individual perspective.  Yes, I swear I am still talking about fashion.

This weeks links share perspective on dressing over 40, petite fashion, Summer on budget and not on budget, and incorporating heritage fashions while staying true to personal style.  There are also a couple in depth posts reviewing the current ad campaign season, and a look into Ukraine’s fashion industry from the perspective of a designer.  
… and for the sewing savvy {and not so savvy}, a DIY Caftan!
Links à la Mode, July 23
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