Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Anna K models in line, backstage  [photo by Andre Bychkouski, courtesy Mercedes-Benz Odessa Fashion Days 2015]

The spotlight shines on Kiev as Mercedes-Benz Odessa Fashion Days takes Ukraine by style. A fashion hub in the making, the Otrada Beach Club, Kiev doubles as the perfect venue for 12 Ukranian designers to introduce their 2016 resort collections. The usual suspects--Anna K, Kostya Omelya, Anton Belinskiy join newcomers Maxange, Sundari, Giaterie and others to showcase their silhouettes against a backdrop of sporty Mercedes and a theme of "pool party." Keep reading for a look inside...

Maxange takes center stage at the Otrada Beach Club [all photos by Andre Bychkouski / Mercedes-Benz Odessa Fashion Days 2015

A mixed bag of sartorial surprises struts down the world's fashion stage at Odessa Fashion Days. Circular/Floral prints and flirty silhouettes dominate Maxange's front line. Sundara dresses down black and denim blue while Anton Belinskiy blends color blocking with a side of sporty. My two favorites this year are Giaterie, with its brightly colored comfort casualwear and asymmetry and OMELYA with its bold pink prints.

Maxange Full lineup [photo by: Andre Bychkouski / Mercedes-Benz Odessa Fashion Days 2015]

Sundari boasts barefoot ladies

Giaterie with bold colors and asymmetry  

Presenting the color-blocked ladies of Anton Belinskiy


Luxury Cars clothed with lovely ladies in OMELYA

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