Tuesday, June 2, 2015


OCC S/S 2015 Color Collection Cosplay

Fostering fun is essential for opportune existence. Given the cool, calculated corporate climate (not to mention long hours), it's easy to let cranky coworkers eclipse enthusiasm. Shaking loose the locks of misery, I've started cultivating "fun" no matter the context or company. In the spirit of enjoying the "every" moments, I perfected a rare Irish farewell and traded extra hours at work this evening for family time... and a flyby of the launch of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetic's new Cosplay collection. I'm excited to see that OCC's bold new Spring/Summer 2015 LipTar and Nail Lacquer shades come in 6 funky flavors of fun. Keep reading to see more...

 6 tar matte shades + 6 coordinating nail lacquer shades

I don't really wear much makeup. In fact, the last time I sat down with a bag of tricks + youtube, my monolids looked like they went through a brawl fight (black eyeliner) or experienced a severe allergic reaction (pink eyeliner). Testing out a couple new colors today, I'm partial to OCC's aquatic blue pencil (cool color, low smudge, easy removal)... and the vegan, cruelty free-formula of the line in general. With all the candy colors, OCC gives gals an exciting level of glamour with little guilt-- Fun! 
(Disclaimer--This is not a sponsored post--I didn't get anything from OCC).

6 new spring/summer 2015 shades

 The full suite of new offerings this S/S

Trying out the colorful eyeliners

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