Thursday, May 28, 2015


Rachel Shechtman and Fern Mallis #INHEROWNWORDS at STORY

"Be Nice," is the rule of thumb Fern Mallis imparts on a sizable audience at STORY Wednesday evening. On the heels of launching her new publication, Fashion Lives, Mallis steps off a plane from India and sits down with STORY founder Rachel Shechtman to share her experiences and achievements in fashion. From cold calls soliciting funds for her first NY Fashion Week to running her own PR company to being fired for the first time (during the holidays!), Fern Mallis gets personal. Keep reading for more on the event...

Taking questions from the audience

A former CFDA Director, Fern Mallis spent a decade shaping fashion. Acclaimed accomplishments include a consolidated campus for New York Fashion Week (a creation of convenience!) and the 92nd Street Y Fashion Icons series. Light humor and nostalgia litter Mallis' recollection of conversations with friends and fashion icons for her 92nd St. Y series. In case you were wondering, Mallis' must-haves include mascara and Urban Zen pants for the plane. Her fashion favorites include Saks Fifth Avenue in New York, Egg in London, Maxfields in Los Angeles, and RTW and Worthwhile in Charleston. 

Simple advice from Fern Mallis-Be Nice.

RS: Of all the lessons and experiences, if you were going to go back and talk to your 25 year old self, what's the one piece of advice that would be the most important that you would tell yourself?

FM: Be Nice. Honestly, if you're competing with a lot of talented people, nobody needs to do business with people who aren't nice, who they don't like. I'd rather give my time to the nice person. That's who you want to spend your time with. That's who you remember. That's who you want to take a call from. Or will answer their next call--whatever the case may be. Be Nice. It's the most important thing.

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