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No5 In a New Light exhibit by Chanel popping up on 14th Street, NYC #N5NY

A fascinating fragrance of "5" and floral becomes the focus of Chanel's new sensorial pop up endeavor. On the heels of Karl Lagerfeld's Cruise 2015 presentation in South Korea, New York hosts No.5 in New Light, a temporary pop-up promoting Chanel No.5 Eau Première. The lighter, fresher, flavor of decades-old Chanel No.5 is deconstructed into 5 display areas: Creation, Cultivation, Composition, Abstraction and Revelation. From May 7-17th, visitors can stop by 461 West 14th Street to experience the core of Eau Première at #N5NY. Keep reading to catch a glimpse inside the exhibit... 

Chanel exhibit from the outside--clear wraparound windows looking into a digital wraparound display wall

Sealed in a transparent "invisible" bottle (long-rumored to be inspired by the whiskey decanter of her late lover Arthur "boy" Capel or the toiletry bottles he carried), Chanel released the original No. 5 on May 5th, 1921. Since then, the bottle has remained largely the same, though fanfare has strengthened--surpassing World War 2, thriving in eras of financial hardship and growing in celebrity endorsement. No. 5 Eau Première is the reinvigorated answer to this generation's pining for a refreshing and organic iteration of the original No. 5.

 Jasmine blossoms in the shape of the Chanel No5 bottle on the fluid digital wall

The number 5 was a signifier in Chanel's life, from her time as an orphan at the Cistercian abbey of Aubazine to the height of her success in fashion. The path to daily prayer embraced patterns repeating the number 5, the gardens near Cistercian were filled with Cistus (a 5 petaled rose) and Chanel clothing collections were always presented on the fifth day of the fifth month. No.5 In A New Light invites the public into a 10-minute interactive encounter around each element of its creation process. Listen to Coco Chanel whisper secrets, peer into pools of petals carrying hidden quotes and wave your arms across light beams to unveil audio and visual notes. At the end, visitors have the opportunity to exercise their own creativity through selfies or on postcards using Chanel No. 5 themed rubber stamps. Drop by or schedule a visit hereIf you aren't able to stop by #N5NY, have a look at Chanel's short film documenting the history of the mysterious No. 5 here.

 Section 1, Creation; a  portrait of Coco Chanel and dynamic quotes

 Section 2, Cultivation; a pool of water atop a digital screen with motion sensors to show quotes beneath flowers as you walk past

 Section 3, Composition; rays of light and sensory motion project "notes" reflecting the harmony of the scent 

 Section 4, Abstraction; a 3D hanging sculpture of the Chanel No.5 bottle

 Wall of art made by visitors

Visitors can create their own postcards from an empty image of a Chanel No.5 bottle and stamps

Artistry in action!

Sample Chanel No.5 and the new No5 Eau Première

Stop by right at sunset for an amazing light show! The pop up space is at 461 West14th Street [photo credit: Chanel

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