Wednesday, April 22, 2015


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Chanel gals at the cemetery

Fauntleroy, Plastic Beach and Gay Ponies Dancing in the Snow eclipse Essie's Ballet Slippers in my new springtime polish regimen. Created by Dineh Mohair, founder of 90's brand Hard Candy (since acquired by LVMH), Smith & Cult is the new kid on the cosmetics block. Defiantly devious, yet sharp and sophisticated, the suite of Smith & Cult nail colors lend to the duality of human nature--submissive and subversive sides. This week, glamorous gals in front of big black gates fill the windows of Chanel's Soho store, straddling the line between edginess and elegance. Colorful hues against somber silhouettes reveal rebellion while perfect pleats and textbook tailoring project the traditional sense of Chanel's style branding. These ladies embody the essence of Smith & Cult's  provocative polishes! Keep reading to see all of this Wednesday's windows...   

Tie dye + floral make a comeback

Pop of color

#WantedBadly by Agent Provocateur

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