Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Painted feather necklace on a mannequin form at the MAD's Tiffany Jewelry Gallery, part of the Ralph Pucci: The Art of the Mannequin exhibit

At the curatorial hand of Isabel and Ruben Toledo, a unique selection of accessories adorn busts,"Birdland" mannequin forms and assorted display pieces created in partnership with Ralph Pucci. An integral part of the Art of the Mannequin exhibit, the focus of the installation in the Tiffany Gallery turns to the jewelry, illustrating the utility of the showforms. A felt "moonscape" theme runs throughout the space, featuring abstract cut-outs. For a peek at the main mannequin exhibit, click here. Keep reading for more photos of the jewelry gallery... 

Blue bubble necklace on Pucci bust (2002), Giorgio Vigna

Silver jewelry on Pucci mannequin forms; Pair of dong bracelets (L) + Pair of anklets (R)

19th and 20th century untitled crafted silver bracelets on felt

Installation view of 3 necklaces

Cute Cutouts = Fun Faces for displaying jewelry

Art + Art = Art!

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