Saturday, February 7, 2015


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For the longest time, the concept of "writing your own story" seemed vaguely perplexing. Natural progression assumes that education, a career and marriage approaches in due course. Yet at the supposed 'height' of life, what defines success and achievement? Are the expectations of "what I want to be when I grow up" being met? What now? Choice and contentedness define the upcoming chapters. What's next? While you're reflecting, have a look at this week's top 20 IFB blog posts...

Beyond the Hype
edited by Jennine Jacob 
In Fashion, it's hard to tell what's really real. There is so much hype around everything. So many euphemisms, so many sales gimmicks, and so much "positioning" that to get to what really is going on... that takes some hard looks. This week we have quite a few thought-provoking posts that have us question the very surface of the fashion industry. About diversity, about diversions and about those tricks they use to make us buy.

Links a La Mode: February 5th 
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