Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Bergdorf Goodman, 57th Street windows with Aurora Borealis in the background; This season, feathery ballgowns are en vogue!

NYC's chilly climate and petty precipitation vicariously transports me back to adventures at Laugarvatn Fontana (March, 2012). Immersed in VISKA (a boiling outdoor mineral spring) during a harrowing hailstorm, the simultaneous hot and cold sensations are strikingly surreal. While Aurora Borealis was absent from the atmosphere that day, Iceland and its natural glory made for great memories! This week, Bergdorf's 57th Street windows encapsulate a moment in time--the nostalgia of being in Iceland, the surplus of seasonal sales and frigid, fur-trim weather. Keep reading to view them all...

Aurora Borealis in Iceland?

Fur trim adds just the right touch...

Oh the colors!

Can't wait to go skiing this season!

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