Wednesday, October 1, 2014


John Varvatos, Spring Street, Soho

#PeaceRocks as civil unrest plagues piecemeal pockets of our planet. Honoring the International Day of Peace (September 22nd), John Varvatos stacks his Soho store windows with signs of spirited serenity. Popping peace signs, Ringo Starr and his photographed friends encourage the public to Snap, Post and Share a selfie with hashtag #peacerocks. For each tag, John Varvatos will donate $1 to the Ringo Starr Peace & Love Fund. More photos and my #peacerocks selfie after the jump… (won't you share yours?)

Snap, Post and Share your peace sign selfie... and $1 will be donated to the Ringo Starr Love and Peace fund

Ringo Starr pops the peace sign

Seasonal sobriety + #PEACEROCKS

I gave it a go--won't you?

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