Tuesday, October 7, 2014


"Come in--the water is lovely" ring by Helen Noakes

Finding 'unique' in an endless selection of jewelry purveyors has become the proverbial diamond in the rough. This week, at the discriminant palette of curator Byrna Pomp, strands of brightly colored felt legoes meet wire-form flowers and laser-cut leather in a tightly curated showcase of unconventional ingenuity. Running from October 6-10, LOOT 2014 at the Museum of Arts & Design (MAD) features 50 jewelry designers representing 23 countries in a weeklong exhibition and sale. Keep reading to see some stand-outs... 

LOOT 2014 at the MAD press preview

Albeit a rite-of-passage, 'Makers' invited to participate in MAD's prestigious retail show-and-tell are chosen for their unique flair of redefining jewelry as art. Likewise, the public is presented with a rare opportunity to "meet and acquire pieces directly from some of the most skilled creators in the field" [source: MAD press release]. Standouts include the resin-encased miniatures of British designer Helen Noakes and phenomenal felted pieces of Danielle Gori-Montanelli. The divergent identity of each emerging artist incites admiration over competition--from Grainne Morton's heirloom modern bespoke additions to Lisa Lee's minimalist metallic pieces. Whether fish scales, Xorel, metal or rare wood, the stunning medley of handmade pieces offers an eyeful of artful exhilaration. Details for visiting the MAD here

Flower necklace made by Danielle Gori-Montanelli with Xorel fabric 

Artist Danielle Gori-Montanelli

Earrings with miniatures in resin by Helen Noakes

Jewelry designer Helen Noakes

Bespoke earrings by Grainne Morton [photo provided by Museum of Arts and Design] 

Roberta and David Williamson [photo provided by Museum of Arts and Design]

Cameo cuff by Anna Porcu [photo provided by Museum of Arts and Design]

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