Wednesday, April 9, 2014


American Apparel on East Houston St. features a capsule collection with patterns & line drawings by French artist Nathalie Du Pasquier

Placing a momentary pause on its monochromatic aesthetic, American Apparel gets graphic (in an artistic way). Creative Director Iris Alonzo invites Memphis Group alum Nathalie Du Pasquier to develop a cheery 43-piece collection inspired by the Memphis Group's wacky 80s art. Currently a painter in Milan, Du Pasquier conjures a palette of prints featuring abstract post-modernist patterns. American Apparel's Houston Street window publicly introduces the capsule collection, which the artist claims she will be wearing. Have a look at the accompanying video (after the jump).   

Nathalie Du Pasquier for American Apparel from American Apparel on Vimeo

Read more about Nathalie Du Pasquier via Domus here (scroll down to read the Q&A). Her  collection is available at America Apparel stores and online.

larger view

 American Apparel, Soho



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