Saturday, March 1, 2014


Sara Jessica Parker welcoming guests and encouraging them to shop

Sex and The City star Sarah Jessica Parker cut a pale pink ribbon amidst shrieks of excitement Friday morning, signaling the debut of her SJP shoe line. The signature grosgrain covering the back seam of SJP shoes may one day be synonymous to the red sole on Louboutins. Until then, it affords each customer a piece of Parker's rags to riches story. Growing up in a low-income setting, there was always an ample supply of ribbons (for hair ties); this Parker wanted to carry through to her shoe line. Available exclusively at Nordstrom, the entire collection of SJP shoes, bags and a trench (in 2 colors) is featured in Nordstrom's 3-day West Soho pop-up

Introducing the Silvia in black ($345) the Jill in pink metallic ($345) the Bobbie in mint ($365)

Standing at the door, Parker welcomes shivering shoppers with hugs and hearty helloes--and encourages all to stock up on shoes. After the initial opening, door security detail limits entry to 8 guests, as 8 exit. Fortunately, for those waiting in the cold, Nordstrom employees circulate free coffee and hot chocolate. Upon entry, employees greet each group with applause and enthusiastic shrieks. George Malkemus, CEO of Manolo Blahnik, joins Parker as she mingles with shoppers and signs shoes for those who make purchases. For those interested, Parker will be making appearances all 3 days of the pop-up (3PM Sat, 11AM Sun). 
 SJP hugged everyone in line for the 10AM opening

Having previewed images of the SJP shoe collection last month, I was skeptical. I craved something more exotic--more Carrie Bradshaw. I sought a more sophisticated logo. In my mind, the pumps and peep-toe shoes I previewed didn't convey a brand that warranted a $195 to $400 price point. All bias aside, the soft sueded bottoms and the 'Made in Italy' insignia surprise me while experiencing the shoes firsthand Friday morning--the quality isn't bad. And I must say--Sara Jessica Parker represents her brand well. She connects with her shoppers in a way that puts televangelists to shame. It was certainly a moment for the SATC leading lady and I'm curious to see how the line will develop in future seasons. Current season online HERE

SJP wearing the Anna sandal in coral

The SJP collection includes one style of clutch along with a trench and a variety of shoes 

 SJP helps one shopper find shoes for his 40something mom

The Bobbie sandal in coral suede

Guests try on shoes in a living room like environment

Beige grograin ribbon on the back of each shoe is Sarah Jessica Parker's signature

Boxes upon boxes of shoes!

Shopper wearing the red Lady Pump and Manhattan Tench in navy

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