Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Bergdorf Goodman, Fifth Ave. mixes style with rare books from the Cary Collection

Originally designed to be a repository of bibliographic information, card catalogues have gone the way of the abacus--repurposed into functional modules of furniture or prominently displayed as decorative art. This week, Bergdorf's Fifth Ave. windows give a vivacious nod to the old style bibliothèque, showcasing stacks and shelves-ful of vintage volumes. Ditching digital for a hoarier sense of sophistication, David Hoey and team pair classic style with an outpouring of good old fashioned manuscripts. What were some of your favorite childhood books?

Beautiful bookends, in Prada

Black, white and books

Sassy shoes are a must-have for the heroine in any novel

A touch of signature BG purple and a touch of radiant orchid

Tales of trepidation, flights of fashion and moving memoirs… which would you reach for?

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