Wednesday, January 1, 2014


A fabulous New Year's feast at Ralph Lauren, West Broadway, NYC

For some, a new year begins another chance… at fat-busting, forgiving faults or finding things forgotten. For me, 2014 presents a renewed sense of "returning to America"--both in a stylish and literal sense. Maybe it's the 9/11 and JFK documentaries that have been showing on TV or the christening of the Freedom Tower or the growing number of veterans returning from tours abroad--an undeniable patriotism is in the air. Walking past the Ralph Lauren windows on West Broadway (Soho, NYC) jaunts a self-disclosed epiphany that the brand represents the epitome of America with its Navajo prints, nautical stripes, neat lines and--needless to say--namesake logo. Ralph is cool, classy, conservative, casual chic, could-be-rugged and universally accepted across culture, class, race and gender. While my closet is completely devoid of RL, I appreciate the token of Americana each of its store windows lends and the grandiose vision of America-the-Beautiful that invites viewers to experience an amplified love of living in our country. God Bless America (and the World) in 2014!

Wrought iron gates + old style Americana at Ralph Lauren on West Broadway

Very Victorian… and yet, very American… Ralph Lauren, West Broadway

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