Sunday, December 8, 2013

Color Story: Spring 2014

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With distinguished flair, Radiant Orchid eclipses pale plum and purple passion as 2014's Pantone Color of the Year. Alongside a palette representative of blooming flowers, Pantone emphasizes pastels to evoke feelings of sensual revival and vintage romance. Think Hemlock, Freesia, Paloma, Celosia Orange and Anthropologie-esque style pairings. Designers follow suit with Spring 2014 collections that capture the essence of freedom and confidence with flowing gowns, luxe shifts and sharp shapes. 

For the full lineup of Spring 2014 highlights, check out the PDF or visit Pantone's site.  

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Have a look at the last 14 years of Pantone colors--do you see a common thread? This year's pick surprises, as the last decade and a half (almost) of chosen colors hover curiously close to a base of primary colors. What is your pick this season? 

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