Wednesday, November 13, 2013


John Varvatos' new publication, Rock in Fashion, fills the windows of his Soho store

At first glance, the stacks of red-spined hardcover books and rock 'n roll photographs crowding John Varvatos' Soho store windows silently protest its somber-suited mannequins. Prodding a smile, the black and white photo of Syd Barrett on the ROCK IN FASHION cover draws me into Varvatos' Soho store to pry a peek at his newly released volume. High ceilings and familiar faces (in frames, of course) balance the grungy, yet aptly tailored shirts, suits and shoes scattered throughout Varvatos' spartan Soho store. Where else can Lou Reed, The White Stripes, and Mick Jagger hang amidst mod metro menswear? Who's your favorite rockstar?

The White Stripes!

 Syd Barrett from PinkFloyd grace the cover of Varvatos' book and the walls of his Soho store

Starched suits juxtaposed with Rock 'n Roll irreverence

Photographs and clothes for sale

Happy Wednesday!

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