Saturday, September 7, 2013


1/10th of an Anthropologie magazine was used to make this card. Blue tee dress, bunny bag and shoe by Anthropologie

Fashion week is upon us and for the fashionable few attending this year's presentations, an air of apathy overshadows anticipation. Perhaps it's timing, but the euphoric excitement of years past lags in comparison to the obligatory feel of this year's shows and the albeit mechanical motions. Though I'm truly excited to experience many designers' new collections, I've grown weary of the rambunctious crowds. I miss the days of muses and passion-fueled handiwork... and can't help but be repelled by both pretentiousness and over-exclusivity. Over time, the focus has shifted off the designers and the fruits of their talent to prestigious parties and wanton priviledge. With that said, new talent emerges each year whether by chance or choosing. Here's to a continued hope that the fashionably elite will consciously nurture a crop of innovators that shift sustainability and stylish ambition back into the forefront of fashion.

1/30th of a J.Crew Magazine (and one shoe from the Anthro mag) was used for this montage

Thanks to digital media, all NYFW shows are accessible from the comfort of my own space--sans simulated style. In honor of the cooling climate and fresh fall fashions, I've conjured up a couple collages in celebration of Fashion Week. Enjoy!

1/30th of a J.Crew magazine was used in the creation of this montage

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