Friday, September 13, 2013


 Pillowcase Photography Alesia Exum

Dots, stripes, liquid cyber and other plaiditudes marques the current exhibit at Strange Loop gallery in the Lower East Side. Fitting, as--between the gilded wall, a waterscape and the fuzzy pink polka-dot ornamented stripes--fashion speaks in non-traditional tongues. There's something attractive about the pairing of a turquoise feather chapeau and red lace dress...and so I am drawn in by a leaflet bearing Ryan Burke's self portrait. Walking through the exhibit, I'm introduced to a new a realm of bravura and beauty. Burke's graceful self-portraiture and gallery owner Claire Fleury's psychedelic prints emphasize that style and luxury aren't necessarily synonymous, proving that it is undeniably elegant to just embrace oneself. 

 Self Portraiture by Ryan Burke--Amazing! Polka Dot top by Claire Fleury

The exhibit of fashion and photography spans the length of the gallery showcasing artists the likes of Claire Fleury, Martin Keehn, Gerry Visco, Ryan Burke, Alesia Exum, Pop Psychic and more. Without high brow elements to distract from an exceptional outpouring of creativity, the viewer becomes well acquainted with each artist's sense of identity. Set in a space likening a long hallway, the ambiance at Strange Loop is considerably charming and inexplicably welcoming. 

 Diana Joy top 

Founded in 2011 by artists Claire Fleury and Alesia Exum, Strange Loop Gallery is home to thoughtful exhibits of fashion, art and photography. Check their site for a taste of current and past exhibits and stop into 27 Orchard St., when you're in the area!

Bottoms by Claire Fleury -- Which do you dare to try?

Hat by Domonique Echeverria and portraiture by Ryan Burke

Strange Loop Gallery 27 Orchard St.

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