Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Clawed and Taylor at Lord & Taylor 's NYC flagship

Nails on a chalkboard may be piercing, but claws on canvas (or glass) are surreptitiously appealing. Masterfully draping walls since the late '80s, graffiti artist, designer and author Claudia Gold a.k.a Claw Money infiltrates the garment district in signature print. Claw Money's cheerfully colored, yet strikingly edgy designs continue to fill the public eye as they migrate indoors for a month. Saturating Lord & Taylor's midtown NYC windows, Clawed and Taylor has a catchy ring to it, No?

A fat paw + three claws--Claw Money's signature--serves as the backdrop of Lord & Taylor's garment district flagship store

Previous partnerships with Calvin Klein, Nike, NASCAR, and Gap prove Claw Money is no stranger to style or success. Once fashion editor and director at Swindle Magazine and member of  graffiti group TC5 (The Cool-5) Ms. Claw's blog, clothing line and hardcover book (2007) Bombshell, The Life and Crimes of Claw Money aptly transpose her personality onto style. Through September 3rd, a fat paw and three claws may be found in front, behind and cast in metal around sensationally styled mannequins at Lord and Taylor's midtown flagship. Click here for more on Ms. Claw and her paws.

sensational style + stylish spray paint

Sensational Style, Circles and Squares, Oh My!

Silver Studded booties... Stunning silver jewelry... Silver Spray-cans.

It's raining... golden claws!

Claw Money x Lord & Taylor

Can you see the words? 

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