Monday, May 6, 2013


"Yellow" in the Red, Yellow and Blue installation by Orly Genger at Madison Square Park (photo credit: my Honey took this one!)

It isn't every day that 1.4 million feet of hand-crocheted lobster-fishing rope covers 4,500 square feet of public park. Stacked in neat rows, shaped and segregated into 3 separate sections of Madison Square Park, 100,000 pounds of crocheted creativity curves in bold outpourings of color at the hands of Orly Genger (and a couple assistants). On a mission to de-stress outdoors, I grab the camera and my honey for a walk uptown--what a perfect opportunity to test out the partial color setting on the camera (Fujifilm X100s)! The option allows the camera to filter out all colors except one of your choosing (no photoshop necessary!). What do you think of the effect?

 Blue... The rope is coated with latex paint for uniform color

The splendor of the structures is compounded by the the industrial nature of the material and the magnitude of the 100% handcrafted end result. Using a durable medium--and giving it new life as a building material--artist Orly Genger and team engages viewers with the way the installation occupies, interferes with and obstructs public space. As with past indoor and outdoor installations, Genger includes the audience by replacing their normal path or line of sight with a grossly unavoidable structure/pop of color.  

Red... such a vibrant color!

For the inner fashionista looking for a fun backdrop to take "outfit of the day" photos, try substituting the brick wall or streetscape with MadSqPk's temporary addition. Through Sept. 8, 2013, the general public will have the chance to view and interact with the sizable hand-knotted sculptures. As a side note, I thought this interview between Orly Genger and Museo Magazine was insightful.

Yellow... Natural beauty, unfiltered. The cherry blossoms are in full bloom!


  1. I loved your pics! :)

    1. Thank you--I wanted to try something different.


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