Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Fendi on Fifth Ave.

Sunshine and showers make trading in the fur, boots and wintry knits for springtime skimmers, skirts and shorter sleeves an easy swap! Fendi's Fifth Avenue mannequins sport higher hemlines and the matching, monochromatic stripes in the background subliminally spiral towards a sensational '2Jours shopper. What will you be wearing while the last whispers of winter fade away?  

Diesel, Fifth Avenue

Springtime sports will be in full swing soon enough. The guy and gals in Diesel's window gather 'round the skateboard ramp, waiting for a stiffy, a fakie and other skateboard tricks (full list here) to begin. The guys are going golfing, the girls are guy-gawking, what will you be doing?

Bergdorf Men's Store, 58th St. and Fifth Ave.

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