Thursday, March 14, 2013

Blondes, Betsey and Bubbly

Betsey Johnson posing with the fully dressed mannequins upon completing the window 

Drippy black paint, frizzy blonde wigs and four fashionable frocks help Betsey Johnson launch her dress collection 3/13/13 in classic Betsey style. The designer broke through signature bright pink wrapping to unveil an all-white window space on the South Side of  Macy's Herald Square Wednesday afternoon. From 1PM to 3PM, under watchful eyes and clicking cameras, Betsey Johnson painted the walls, sipped champagne, dressed mannequins and connected with her audience. 

Betsey Johnson stopping to speak with behind-the-scenes personnel

After an eventful 2012 wrought with financial troubles and the closure of 60+ brick-and-mortar stores, 2013 presents a second wind of sorts with a reality TV show, a surprising fashion week appearance and a new dress line. A fellow alum of Syracuse University (Go Orange!), Betsey has had a lifetime of ups and downs in the industry. Significant contributions during the 60's youthquake movement--at the height of Andy Warhol's artistic underground--settled Betsey Johnson into stardom. Despite a few harrowing disappointments, Betsey is bouncing back with fan-induced fervor and a newly updated formula behind the traditional punk-rock-meets-street-chic motif.

 Betsey in action, camouflaged by the glare of the midday sun. The neon yellow shoes give her away!

Polka dots, leopard print, flowers and a touch of pink continue to define the BJ product mix. Keeping with the fun and flirty silhouettes synonymous with her namesake line, Betsey's new, lower-priced department store debut boasts similarly fancy frocks with a more commercialized fit. "It's not so Betsey, Betsey, Betsey, but it still has those elements I love," Johnson told AM NY "It's more sophisticated." Pricing for Betsey's dresses--with names like Hottie Dottie and Oopsie Daisy--runs between $90 and $250 and are available at Macy's, Nordstrom's and other fine retailers. 

Two looks from [image credit: Betsey Johnson Facebook]


  1. a ny fashion blogger!!! nice to meet you, I'm Sabrina, an italian fashion blogger, and I really love this blog and your post... It's interesting see through it pieces of "la grande mela"...
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