Wednesday, February 20, 2013


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Etro on Madison Ave.

Did you know that President's Day is the first federal holiday honoring an American citizen? Each year the holiday is celebrated on the third Monday of February, with the original emphasis on the birthday of George Washington, the first POTUS (President of the US). Washington's birthday is officially February 22nd--the only other presidents with birthdays in February are Abraham Lincoln (2/12) and Ronald Regean (2/6). 

Etro on Madison Ave.

Etro's windows display powerful portraiture--a museum? a wing of the White House? a policy library? The paintings add to the look of political sophistication already present in high necklines and hues of blue and beige. 

Banana Republic at Rockefeller Center

Banana Republic's frames flaunt a different feel with photographs of audacious animals. Still sporting variants of beige and blue, BR's mannequins present a more casual setting for pleasure and politics. Perhaps a summer home or a country getaway? Perhaps some rest and relaxation is in order--proper attire required! (Psst....Notice how one painting/photograh is repeated each set of windows!)

Banana Republic at Rockefeller Center

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