Wednesday, February 6, 2013


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Lanvin Madison Ave. and 68th St.

Zebra stripes, monochrome photographs, newspapers and old episodes of I Love Lucy all embrace the same polished aesthetic created by the marriage of black and white. Classic colors in solemn sophistication, B&W adds a measure of elegance and refinement. With Valentine's day about a week away, Lanvin's masqueraded man reminds me of an upscale cupid, waiting for the right moment to seranade an unsuspecting stranger.

Prada on Madison Ave. and 70th St.

Embodying the icons of good and evil, black and white are often used in movies--perhaps it's the lighting or the wardrobe--to play on the viewers' sense of empathy. Stylishly, black and white denote the difference between summer and winter (and good and evil!).  Naughty or Nice? Winter white? Little Black dress? White shoes before labor day? Fashionably late, Always.   
Donna Karan Madison Ave. at 68th St.

Black tie affairs exude class. From tuxedos to ball gowns, there's something inherently glamourous in the simplicity of colorless. Next time you're debating what to wear, reach for black and white, and mix it up a bit!

Michael Kors on Madison Ave. at 67th St.


  1. Beautiful! Black and white geometrical patterns are so chic! And of course they work as good on interior design as on clothes.

    xoxo, Sam

  2. Agreed! Black and white are definitely the classic "go to" for clothes and interiors!


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