Wednesday, January 9, 2013


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Bergdorf Goodman Windows on 57th St.

2013 has dawned and the chill of winter encourages us to burrow deeper in bubble baths and blankets to keep warm. Endless options of indoor pursuits come to light. For one, the theater is a magical place where plush seats, creative costumes, hearty laughs and talented acts poke our imaginations. HINT:Take advantage of the upcoming 2 for 1 Broadway Week! This week's windows inspire cool escapes that may be worth braving the cold outdoors--if only for a moment!

 Bergdorf Goodman Window on 58th St.

Take the suggestion of Bergdorf's 58th St. windows and mingle with animals! Offer to pet sit for a neighbor or friend! Get a glimpse of the tropics at the Central Park Zoo or talk to tigers at the Bronx Zoo. Stroll through a doggie park... Or zip out of NYC to take a tour of a farm (Bobolink is great!) and taste unique home-made breads and cheeses.

Bergdorf Goodman Window on 58th St.

Pair a printed frock with patent pumps and a strand of pretty pearls, and take a stroll towards Museum Row. Peek at the paintings and photographs inside the MoMA. Meet new friends at the MET. Otherwise, venture downtown and mosey into the MoCA or the New Museum (Make sure to take advantage of Target: Free Thursdays!). 

Dior Window on 57th St.

Step out in style! Call a couple friends and get dolled up for a spa day or girls' night--maybe both! Schedule brunch with your besties. It's sale season--shop til you drop and add a few finishing touches to your winter wardrobe!

Louis Vuitton on 5th Avenue and 57th St.

If all else fails, take a day trip, or a long trip, somewhere warmer! Let me know what wards winter woes away for you...


  1. Love love love the 3rd Bergdorf window!! And I'm a bit obsessed with the classy walrus in the first window. Thanks so much for posting these each week! I love to look at them!
    -Mandi Noel

    1. Thanks! I loved the full window with the walrus, but unfortunately the reflecting lights from the building across the street didn't make for a great full window photo.


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