Wednesday, January 30, 2013


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First, of a series of Saks Fifth Avenue windows promoting the New School's Sophie Gimbel exhibit

This week, Wednesday Windows highlights the themes currently showing in the five different facets of Saks Fifth Avenue's windows. Featuring fashionable garb from back in the day to contemporary casual to sleek silhouettes and metro-chic menswear, each side of the delectable department store sports a different take on style, youth and excitement. Unfortunately, by the time I circled around, closing time thwarted any aspirations of entry.

A second look at the Sophia Gimbel windows of Saks

20th Century American couture designer Sophie Gimbel minted her sensational sense of style by becoming the director of the Salon Moderne at Saks in the 20s and 30s and then by being the first American woman designer to appear on the cover of TIME Magazine in 1947. In celebration of her life and legacy, the Sheila C. Johnson Design Center at Parsons, the New School of Design presents the exhibition "Sophie Gimbel: Fashioning American Couture" at 66 Fifth Avenue from January 22 to February 12. In tandem with the exhibit, a portion of Saks' Fifth Avenue windows currently feature creations of the late "Sophie of Saks."

Set sail at Saks in the Fifth Avene Windows 

Sharing a portion of Sak's Fifth Avenue windows is a more mature stylistic representation. I see women in their 40s trotting around in trendy threads. These barefoot ladies in their prime are preparing for paradise. It's resort season, break out the sails!

Saks Windows on 49th and 5th

These gal pals are having fun! The mannequins partying in the windows on 49th Street are showered with confetti while sporting spring looks. What next--Dancing or Dinner? Check out those pearlescent pink purses!

The Men's display in on the corner of 50th St and Fifth Avenue

Modelesque men mill about the wraparound windows on the corner of Fifth Avenue and 50th St. These mannequins stop in mid-stride to admire shoes, ties and other manly accessories. Step onto the 6th and 7th floors of Saks to have a look at men's wares.

Lovely ladies having fun in the windows of Saks on 50th St. and 5th Ave.

The youthful 30s are a fun transition from teenaged to sophisticated. High heels highlight lengthy legs and suave dresses build the confidence to bridge the gap between angst and womanhood. All around, mobile silhouettes made from multi-colored hangers provide comedic entertainment. Stop by and have a look of your own!

Lovely ladies having fun in the windows of Saks on 50th St. and 5th Ave.


  1. I have been following your Wednesday Windows and find it amazing you can describe the display so well which makes me look twice now at all window displays and the time they put in it!!


    1. Thanks! It's actually one of the highlights of my week...trying to find the perfect windows to be "next"!


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