Wednesday, January 2, 2013


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Carolers + a classic street scene in the windows of The Bay

In addition to the toasts and holiday cheer being passed around, it seems like a bit of the flu has managed to make its rounds. In lieu of being out and about this week, I present the holiday windows of The Hudson Bay Company--otherwise know as The Bay--on Yonge St. in downtown Toronto. Between Christmas and New Year's Eve, I was visiting family in Canada and had to check out the style scene in Ontario's premiere city. Take a flash back to Christmas and scroll through one of the most celebrated holiday windows of Canada's second largest province!  

Santa's workshop at The Bay in downtown Toronto, Canada

Touching on the heartstrings with nostalgia, the Bay's creative design manager Ana Fernandes and her team crafted this year's traditional holiday-themed displays entitled "Canadian Christmas 2." Following 2011's "Canadian Christmas 1," this year's windows are a continuation of last year's festive concept. Like the windows at Macy's there is usually a crowd behind the red rope eager to have a glimpse of the holiday magic.

 A close-up of children excitedly participating in a sweet feast with Santa

Each of the windows depicts a scene that borders between reality and imagination. From Santa having dinner with young guests to a lively town scene complete with carolers to Santa reading off a name of children who have been "nice" to a traditional home scene depicting a family (and mice living below the floorboards) preparing for Christmas. With holiday music and slight movements from the figurines, viewers are encouraged to reach into their hearts and reconsider their beliefs in Santa Claus!

A close-up of the night before Christmas

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  1. Oh I miss going to see the windows at the Bay in TO! So happy you posted them!


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