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Remnants and items sold at Anthropologie (image from

Anthropology is the study of humanity and, by a slightly different spelling, one of the leading fashion and lifestyle retailers in the U.S. Offering a specially curated collection of wares and wears, Anthropologie shares with customers sophisticated style and a creative curiosity, all set in a spectacularly well-designed and distinctly different shopping environment. Sunday afternoon, I head to the Rockefeller Center store and gallery space for a peek at the latest merchandise and the exhibit "Remnants" by husband and wife team Barbara and Richard Keal. 

Strands of hand-crafted streamers hang in the Anthropologie store window inside Rockefeller Center

Simplicity never looked as ornate and extravagant as the repurposed wood and paper that adorns the interior of Rockefeller Center's Anthropologie flagship. It's an intoxication of innovation--walking through the muliti-story store--compounded by the unique aspects tucked in each cubby and cove. Whether it be hundreds of hanging teabags, wooden hangers arranged in dozens of geometric shapes, or 2-liter soda bottles cut and colored in the likeness of spring flowers, the design team never ceases to WoW 

Wall made of recycled wooden paint mixer sticks

In mixing the traditional retail environment with a hint of "home," Anthropolgie's decor, scents and merchandising appeal to the senses. How romantic are the lit candles? How subtly lifelike the crowded shelves and tabletops? And how thankful are the significant others for access to open seating and availability of intellectually enriching tabletop books?   

A paper mache doe is the centerpiece of a table full of china and glassware

Walking through Anthropologie is like walking through an amazing abode exhibiting humanity at its finest. There's a hint of luxury and a bit of humility, as each room is filled with salvaged pieces re-purposed for display. This week's encounter fetches a glimpse of a grand mirror in the foyer, made from hundreds of wooden paint test sticks. A paper mâché doe peeks from between stacks of glassware atop a table in the dining area and a spiral staircase embraces an evergreen in the corner of a downstairs bedroom.

A recycled spiral staircase is tucked in the corner of the cozy room

Along with teacups and pillows--the remnants of high tea and restful slumber--Barbara and Richard Keal display their installation "Remnants of a Dream." Barbara is a feltmaker known for her animal-inspired hats made from wool local to her East Sussex home. Richard transforms bits of timber into timeless artistic creations. Together, their display presents a quirky, yet animal-friendly approach to an otherwise gruesome hunter's hideaway. Here's a quick glimpse...

About the artists Barbara Keal and Richard Keal

Large and small hoods made from felted wool

Wool shaped into the likeness of animal pelts and minature taxidermy is mixed with wood furniture and mixed media. The space takes you away from the bustle of the city and encourages the imagination to run wild--literally. If you like what you see and happen to be in NYC, swing by to see "Remnants" in person at the Anthropologie store at Rockefeller Center. It's right across from the ice rink!

Mini felted wool heads likening taxidermy

A hunter's hideaway!


  1. Love the displays! It's great when they make you feel so comfortable because then it feels just like you are shopping at home!

  2. Lovely post especially the photos!

    Congrats on being featured on Links à la Mode. Feel free to check out mine and let me know what you think :-)

    Dille of Random Chic Musings

  3. Congrats on the LALM selection - it's a VERY good thing that we don't have an Anthropologie in my town...I'd be there far too often.



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