Thursday, November 8, 2012


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Promotional ad via Fashion for Action's website

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, stylists, celebrities and style-minded shoppers alike venture out Wednesday evening to sip cocktails and shop for charity. Despite the slippery snow, the Fashion For Action opening night fundraiser is alive with energy. Surrounding a bustling open bar, shelves and racks of merchandise donated from over 250 brands--including Tory Burch, Diane Von Furstenberg, Brooks Brothers, and Theory--are being sold at significant discount by Housing Works Wednesday night inside the Altman building and through the end of the week at the Housing Works in Chelsea. 

Patricia Clarkson, co-chair of the Fashion for Action organization

Among attendees, prominent individuals emerge to show their support. Black is a familiar favorite on the red carpet. Actress Patricia Clarkson represents Fashion for Action tonight in black separates, with a red leather bag and plaid hat as accent accessories. 

Martin Beruc (left) shows off a sparkly sequin blazer by Unconditional // Albert (right) shines with a handmade sequin skull necklace 

As seen on a few brave souls, sequins complement black and steal the show when used as a supplemental condiment to a largely black ensemble. Martin Beruc's sequin blazer by UK brand Unconditional comes from L.E.S. boutique Any Old Iron. Albert's shiny skull necklace adds a swanky touch to his black and white skull patterned shirt.

 A stylist and his model // Simon van Kempen & Alex McCord from the Real Housewives of NYC

Two things I notice tonight--some of the best things in life come in pairs (i.e. gloves, earrings, shoes, to name a few) and wearing something pretty always draws a crowd. When haute handbags, expensive watches and diamond rings disappoint, why not wear a hot or high profile human on your arm as an accessory? Alex McCord's black leather outfit couldn't look better with a stylish Simon van Kempen on her arm!

**If you're in NYC this week and have a couple bucks and a few minutes, stop by the sale to help the less fortunate and score some serious deals while you're at it! The public sale starts Thursday, November 8 and continues until Sunday, November 11 at Housing Works Thrift Shop in Chelsea. Proceeds from Wendesday's fundraiser and the week's clothing sales will benefit services for the homeless and HIV research, with 20% of monies raised going towards Hurricane Sandy relief. 

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