Saturday, March 30, 2024


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Opening Day of Macy's 2024 Flower show "Spring Delights"

Flora and fashion converge once again at Macy's Herald Square for it's 49th annual Flower Show. This years theme "Spring Delights" transforms the iconic department store into a botanical wonderland, showcasing thousands of exquisite blooms from around the globe. Vibrant hues of the rainbow occupy the windows and line the aisles. In partnership with Dior, the upper mezzanine space features an installation and pop-up boutique "Miss Dior: From Flower to Fragrance" focusing on the creation of the Dior fragrance collection. The Flower Show is up until April 7th. Keep reading for a look inside...

Large flowers made of flowers!

Floral fashion windows


Fresh Flowers on Opening Day!

Strawberries are the main feature of the indoor floral display

A purple and pink pillar with vibrant orchids at their peak!

Several bug sculptures are embedded throughout the first floor

The opening act, when you walk through the front door

Brilliant hues of yellow and orange down an entire aisle

Fall vibes with the organge, rust and yellow

Upstairs, a display by Dior

Largest and most lush roses I've seen in awhile!

Some history--just a hint!

View from the top

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