Sunday, March 19, 2023

PhoebeNewYork @West Chelsea Contemporary Gallery

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I took this photo of Phoebe NYC when I first moved to NYC, and it remains the screen saver on my phone--to this day!

"Phoebe" was one of my first acquaintances, when I arrived in NYC. She was here, there, everywhere...and equal parts inspirational and ironic. Phoebe was stylish. She was sweet, sassy and most of all--relatable. Spotting Pheobe on the streets of NYC was often a pick-me-up and always an insta-worthy moment. As Libby Schoettle's cutout gal gained popularity over the last decade, PhoebeNewYork has appeared in ads, magazines, collabs--and most recently a solo show at West Chelsea Contemporary. Click to read more...
PhoebeNewYork opens at West Chelsea Contemporary gallery March 17th to April 16th

From March 17th to April 16th, PhoebeNewYork is the main feature at West Chelsea Contemporary. Drop by to experience Phoebe's multi-faceted personality and view Libby Schoettle's latest works. See--up-close--how "the torn edges, wrinkles, and spots of Schoettle’s collage works recall memories of being in bed with a fashion magazine finding something you love and tacking it on your wall" (source:WCC).  

[L] Entry wall and [R] Large cutouts

An inspirational trio 

Just the right amount of feminism

Everyone needs a break sometime!

Sometimes we all have enough...

2022 Work "Let's Go Crazy"

Sampling of the art on display

Cutout drawing

Libby Schoettle signing a purchased piece

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